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'Restraint Is Power'
        Article published in
        the Times Of India

'Striking The Right Cord'
        Article published in
        the Times Of India

'Salve For The Soul'
        Article published in on
        11th Feb 05

'Korean Connection'
        Article published in
        WESTSIDE Plus
        Sat 9th Feb 2008


Published in 'Chennai - The Hindu'
Date : Sept 1999

...the artist¡¯s voice range and it¡¯s tonal quality made an immediate aural impact.there was absolute sruti unison from the word go, the initial slow, soft movements of the raag with full throated uninhibited articulation and faster taans emerging with clarity and total fidelity to the swara sthanas fulfilled considerable standards of aesthetic ideals.

Aparna¡¯s rich fluent voice, disciplined training and endearing stage presence and above all, a mature head on young shoulders leave no doubt that her artistic future is bound to be colourfully painted with a bright rosy hue.

Published in 'Mumbai - Maharashtra Times'
Date : April 1999

...her rendition reflected great fidelity and melody. The words of the bandish were undistorted and meaningful and created a pleasant atmosphere.

Published in 'Ajmer - Dainik Navjyoti'
Date : Feb 1999

Aparna bound her audience with her melodious music... and received a prolonged ovaltion...persistence of practice, saadhana is very is not merely sweet but incluces a calming effect.

Published in 'NavBharat Times'
Date : July 1994

... Aparna¡¯s voice is an asset...seems like it is her natural gift that makes her a melodious vocalist. Her saadhana in internalising the style of Pandit Ramakrishna Vaze Bua, which calls for laborious training, is apparent.

Published in 'Loksatta'
Date : July 1994

...the auditorium is small and the acoustics call for a full throated voice with a natural clarity. ...if one is to consider such qualities, they are abundantly vested in Aparna Panshikar. ...

The two great infuences of Gwalior and Jaipur-Atrauli gharanas, received from her guru, Pandit Bhaskarbua Joshi and Smt. Meera Panshikar, respectively, find a harmonious unison in Aparna Panshikar¡¯s music...she has successfully mellowed the agressive and masculine style of the great Ramakrishna Vaze Bua and moulded it to suit her own softer and melifluous style.

Published in 'Times Of India'
Date : July 1994

...a musician of great maturity and confidence.

Published in 'Dadar Matunga - Navbharat Times'
Date : Jan 1992

¡°Aparna Panshikar...a noteworthy performer among young musicians.... the skillful voice application, depth and weightiness of rendition, confident improvisation and clarity in taans are highlights of her performances... They all go to prove that she is among those young vocalists who can be considered along the senior rung of musicians.¡±

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