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Aparna introduces online vocal music lessons for the students who are passionate about learning vocal music in a traditional manner but either their professions do not allow them to take so much time off to visit the teacher or they are not living in India.

These lessons will be conducted using Skype and will have a webcam option which would be necessary for learning some voice application techniques in the initial stages of learning.

The USP of these lessons is that they will be conducted on a one-on-one basis and not in a pre-recorded form. It would enable the student to learn the fine nuances of voice training and application. The training will be imparted in the vocal scale of every student and not in a generic scale, hence making it easier to sing vocal exercises known as Alankaars.

This course has multiple options that can be taken depending on a student’s liking and previous training in music.

The Online lessons will consist of:

A) Scale defining and voice training
B) Raga based training
C) Semi-classical forms of Indian music like Bhajans, Thumris and Ghazals
D) Theory of Indian music


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